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  1. Hello, If I understand well the code, we have, 2 files, on for the code, on for HTML inside the content directory
  2. Thank you, I started to understand little more, We will see what's happen
  3. Hello @Patrick I want in the first time just modify the template and after create new header and footer
  4. Hello @Julie, Thank you, is possible to install an apps or modules in manual. I want to learn how his work.
  5. Hello, I wish to display some other information like wight, shipping condition, stock .... in the description page How to do that because I filled in administration these elements, but I do not see in the catalog
  6. Is there a way to modify the footer and the header ?
  7. The process is very clear, but ot helps me to have the rewriting.
  8. Thank you he helps me to configure the email
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