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  1. Hello @AlwaysSkint,

    Could you try this : upload and install the latest commit 

    Include this files inside the good directory ImportDataBase


    Step :

    Start on a fresh installation (normal) without data
    remove the French language in language

    Make a migration


    Everything seems to be migrated (for me)
    Not work for moment manufacturers_info in comment

    sql error on administration menu description (but the data are imported)  - All administration menu are in english for other language


    There is a litle work again.

    Try and tell me.


    I will stop for a moment to focus now on my next step.




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    2. AlwaysSkint


      Finally got it to install..


        use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING;
        use ClicShopping\OM\HTML;



      //  use ClicShopping\OM\Language;


      //  $CLICSHOPPING_Language = new Language();
      //  Registry::set('Language', $CLICSHOPPING_Language);


      That bloody .htaccess!!!

      Removed the first three lines from ClicShoppingAdmin .htaccess


      Error Log:

      PHP Warning:  file_put_contents(/home/clic/public_html/includes/ClicShopping/Sites/ClicShoppingAdmin/site_conf.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/clic/public_html/install/templates/pages/install_4.php on line 253


      It looks as though some code is changing this to 444 too soon. I began with 644, so I know it has been changed during the install process.


      Hope this helps you to narrow down the installation problems.

      Please, please, please remove or comment out those offending lines..

      #Options -Indexes
      #Options +FollowSymlinks
      #Options -MultiViews


    3. ClicShopping


      I will look about the htaccess.
      For the 444, That's I tell the last time, check conf/ and  conf.php in admin and shop.

      For the language, no prpblem until now. It's your specific server configuration.



    4. AlwaysSkint


      Two typos is that osCmax20.php

      Missing $data for two fields. ;)

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