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  1. Yes, of course


    A very simple approach.
    Inside modules_header/template/ add this files below
    After go in your administration Design/Layout/Header, edit your multi-template option and select your new template

    This example displays the logo and the login link and log off link if you are connected.

    create a file: my_new_header_test.php


    add this inside :

     *  @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org
     *  @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved
     *  @Licence GPL 2 & MIT
     *  @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4
     *  @Info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/
      use ClicShopping\OM\HTML;
      use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING;
      <div class="col-md-<?php echo $content_width; ?>">
        <div class="row">
          <div class="separator"></div>
          <span class="col-md-4"><?php echo $logo_header; ?><br /><br /></span>
      if (!$CLICSHOPPING_Customer->isLoggedOn()) {
          <span class="col-md-8 text-md-right"><?php echo HTML::link(CLICSHOPPING::link(null, 'Account&Login'), CLICSHOPPING::getDef('modules_header_multi_template_create_account')); ?></span>
      } else {
          <span class="col-md-8 text-md-right"><?php echo HTML::link(CLICSHOPPING::link(null, 'Account&LogOff'), CLICSHOPPING::getDef('modules_header_multi_template_account_logoff'));?></span>  


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  2. The best way is to use the default multi template module. lot of thing is incorporated inside.

    After you can take all or not !

    You can,  inside the template directory, to create new file and include your own html approach.

    If you need a specific information, in this case, it's better to create a new module.

  3. Hello @Julie


    I take time before to found how to change or to create a new sitemap.


    The sitemap is located in this directory : Apps/Marketing/SEO/Sites/Shop/Pages/GoogleSiteMap/Actions/


    You will find how to make a new sitemap and you can include inside than you want.

    After you can call the page like this  :




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