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    This module allow you to comply the european cookie law regulates the management of cookies and you should ask your visitors their consent before exposing them to third party services Disable all services by default, Display a banner on the first page view and a small one on other pages, Display a panel to allow or deny each services one by one, Activate services on the second page view if not denied, Store the consent in a cookie for 365 days. Lot of service support, google, amazon, facebook ... More 20. This module contains The language files in English and French Via the installation system administration ClicShopping Technical Prerequisites: None licence : GPL 2 - MIT Activate the module Configuration / SEO / Social Networking / Metas modules Important Note : The installation can be manual. Copy the this apps in your directory Copy sources in sources directory Copy the module_header_tags_gdpr.json into ClicShopping/Work/Cache/Github If you use this script, do not install other like google analytics, pixel ... All informations about the ClicShopping Download ClicShopping : https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3/archive/master.zip Community : https://www.clicshopping.org Software : https://github.com/ClicShopping Official add on : https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3 Community add on : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community trademark License info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/ Github : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/module_header_tags_gdpr Gihub Download : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/module_header_tags_gdpr/archive/master.zip



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