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The California Consumer Privacy Act

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I do not know, but I looking inside the application, you already have some features than the other e-commerce platform do not propose. That's the good point, after maybe you include little adjustment.



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Some information can be found here




in summary :


Right to know ALL data collected by a business on you, twice a year, free of charge.

Right to say NO to the sale of your information.

Information Security: Right to sue companies who collected your data, where that data was stolen or disclosed pursuant to an unauthorized data breach, if the company was careless or negligent about how it protected your data (i.e. if the data was unencrypted, un-redacted, or the company didn’t have reasonable security policies and procedures in place to protect it).  Identity Theft needs to be curbed!

Right to DELETE data you have posted.

Right not to be discriminated against if you tell a company not to sell your personal information.

Right to be informed of what categories of data will be collected about you prior to its collection/at point of collection, and to be informed of any changes to this collection.

Mandated opt-in before sale of children’s information (under the age of 16).

Right to know the categories of third parties with whom your data is shared

Right to know the categories of sources of information from whom your data was acquired.

Right to know the business or commercial purpose of collecting your information.


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