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What is a cronjob ?


A cronjob is a service that allows a user to automatically execute a script at a specific time.

For example, you can set a particular PHP script to be automatically executed everyday at midnight.


How to find the cronjob command ?


Go to your website admin / tools / Cronjob


To run all the cron just add in your Cpanel this line :


wget http://mywebsite.com/index.php?cronjob&runall --read-timeout=5400


Setup in cPanel :


Set up cron jobs through cPanel using this procedure:

Log on to your cPanel Interface.

Go to 'Advanced' section.

Click on "Cron Jobs".

Select the specific time from the lists provided.

You should enter the command to run in the "Command" field.

You should make sure to enter the proper command and the full path to the file.

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