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Below the information, how to configure ClicShopping with the SMTP approach.


For hotmail


Hotmail SMTP Server: smtp-mail.outlook.com
Hotmail SMTP Port: 587
Hotmail Security: STARTTLS
Hotmail SMTP Username: Your complete Windows Live Hotmail email address (e.g. me@hotmail.com or me@live.com)
Hotmail SMTP Password: Your Windows Live Hotmail password
SMTP transport : TLS


For gmail


Server name SMTP : smtp.gmail.com
Username SMTP : your Gmail email
SMTP Password :  you Gmail password
SMTP Portl: 25 ou 465
SMTP transport : TLS


More general


Server name SMTP : smtp.mydomain.com
Username SMTP : your emaill
SMTP Password :  you email password
SMTP Portl: 25 ou 465 or 587
SMTP transport : TLS




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