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  1. I use for me google speed, gtmatrix, woorank I looking metaforensic and the tool is interesting to have a good view of my website.
  2. Iron


    I have not installed, I look the characteristics, I think it depends the need. The captcha is not recommended for e-commerce website because people can stop the process. But, if you use an invisble captcha, it can be correct.
  3. Iron


    Website : https://www.notanotherbill.com/
  4. I noted a little pb could be improved in the futur. When you install an application after the system come back on the initial page. You haven't information to tell you everything his correct or information to tell what do you do. The first time, I was little lost. The user must reload the same theme to have the information how to install the apps for example.
  5. I updated, now the module seems to work like a cham. @Julie yes you can.
  6. Yes I have been the same problem, I just actualise the payment for example, and it's after it works well. Like it write in the help, this is experimental concept.
  7. Iron

    Tuto about GDRP

    Ok, Tk @ClicShopping. I think to understand to do that. If i have a problem, I will told you
  8. Iron

    Tuto about GDRP

    Hello, I would have if there is a tuto to add an information allowing the customer to select or not an option ?
  9. I make the same thing the first time because I don't know well the administration. I am always looking the code, the application available, free or not. Now, it's better you can change inside administration but if you reset, you lost all you change.But ! don't know if there is a tool allowing to download the files
  10. Iron

    Collissmo pb

    ok, find the solution, Thank you for the information
  11. Iron

    Collissmo pb

    Hello When I place an order, after the Check-out step I get the message: "Delivery is currently unavailable for the selected shipping address Please select or create a new shipping address to use with your purchase." I checked its integration in the sources, disabled the default delivery as indicated in the install, since it is the module that takes the hand. I tried to configure the regions, tax, weight finally all that I think is consistent from the posts visited in the forum but nothing, always this message! Yet yesterday it appeared as well as the Chronoposte, so I do not think of a problem of version. If someone would have a track ...
  12. Iron

    Detect duplicate content

    Personally I use positeo.com/check-duplicate-content/ and http://www.plagium.com/. Poeiteo is a bit limited in terms of the number of words (150-170 max) but remains a very good tool is tool. Plagium is also interesting but it is still paying. I recommend you use both.
  13. Iron

    Apps et Modules Admin Installation

    I tested via th admin and in manual, nothing to say in particular. seems to work better than the older version. I installed different contribution, no specific problem.
  14. Iron

    Apps et Modules Admin Installation

    Ok, me too, I will test the different possibilities to update this app
  15. I want to display information to help the customer about the order process. Do you exist a module with this element ?

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