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  1. Oh. Chit-chat in a forum is a tough job. We cost much time to understand each others.


    I want to ask that "If you must have typing (not copy & paste) URL into web browser address bar, you will type?" (Choose: 1. index.php?Account&Login OR 2. index.php?Account/Login . These phrases is diferrence one character only as below:



    Which works? In demo.clicshopping.org , I see "/" . But I get code from https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3 , after installing, it "&". So, I think that source code and demo is not a same version.

  2. 10 hours ago, Patrick said:

    Do you activate the rewrite SEO  in Configuration/Store ?

    Without SEO :  http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account&LogIn

    With SEO  : http://mysite/shop/index.php/Account&LogIn

    I agree with you what you said but the above is not what I meant. I mean:


    In demo: http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account/LogIn (Account and Login are WHAT - I don't know)

    GitHub:   http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account&LogIn (Account and Login are parameters of GET) 

    It is NOT relative to SEO.


    I appreciate your patience.

    Thank you very much! 

  3. I am pulling my hair because some differences of details in lines of codes. Some of them:


    ( Default theme only. Other themes: I don't know )


    - Register link at demo https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo/index.php/Account/Login 

    but source code from GitHub.com version 3.21111 http://mysite/shop/index.php/Account&LogIn


    and some other links in demo Abc/Xyz but in source code Abc&Xyz . E.g.: index.php/Search&AdvancedSearch 

    So, why slash or and


    - index.php/Account/LogIn in demo below login form is 2 register forms while source code index.php/Account&LogIn  is 1 form only.


    - How to change breadcrumb Index » ClicShopping » Favorites to ClicShopping » Favorites : my shop in homepage so, Index in breadcrumb with "Index" is an abundance.


    - When we hover mouse on menu items in Admin, the page in background (lower layer) always flicker: it makes me funny & mad :D


    - How to change image directory (container of images are uploaded)? If we put them in sources, when upgrading we must be very carefully or destroying all images with some rm commands.


    I want ClicShopping has a stable version soon and will test carefully and report errors. Now, I think it is not enough for production now.


    Sorry for many questions!


  4. Hello everybody!

    Nice to meet you all. I am a very slim man (only 40kg). So, people call me "super thin" and my nick name superthin, surely :D

    I like open source softwares very much. But, I am not a coder/ programmer. Sometimes, I have to touch codes because I hate closed source softwares.

    In the past, I worked for an educational company, they bought a complex + complicated software. And I became an amateur tester, randomly. It's a painful memory....so that I cannot give up "touching PC keyboard".

    Sorry for my English! It is called... VinLish (Vietnamese English, NOT Vinglish).

  5. I am using ClicShopping in testing environment. I need create a marketplace for farmers/ small manufacturers who sell their products. After installation, I register a profession account. After register, have no notes or notify on the screen (but there are some email).


    After logged in as Admin, I actived the professional account. I opened store page and logged in but I cannot find any features for professional account (I think it is same same multi-vendor),.


    I want to ask that is ClipShopping already for B2B Marketplace? Please help me!

  6. Every time I want to config/ setup an item, it cost me much time browsing many levels of menus. Many times, I cannot find what I need, I must drink some coffee to tweak my brain :D . I am dreaming of "Windows live search" in ClicShopping


    Why don't we create and Ajax Search to solve the problem? Reference https://github.com/iranianpep/ajax-live-search


    If nobody likes this, I will create mods by myself (while I am studying how to write a module).

  7. Hooray!


    protected function removeVNeseAccents ($str){
          $unicode = array(
          foreach($unicode as $nonUnicode=>$uni){
            $str = preg_replace("/($uni)/i", $nonUnicode, $str);
          return strtolower($str);
        protected function getSkipAccents(string $str, string $charset = 'utf-8'): string
          return $this->removeVNeseAccents($str);


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  8. On 10/27/2019 at 10:10 AM, ClicShopping said:

    hello @SuperThin,


    Could you test (on several specific world)  this please  and tell me if it work ?


    in includes/Shop/RewriteUrl.php - change the function by this.

    In it's work it will be added on next update.

    I take different work on your website, and seems now ok inside the the url

    Thank you for your comment @SuperThin

         * Remove url accent
         * @param $str
         * @param string $charset
         * @return null|string|string[]
        protected function getSkipAccents(string $str, string $charset = 'utf-8'): string
          if (!extension_loaded('intl')) {
            throw new Exception('intl module not loaded');
          } else {
            $transliterator = \Transliterator::create('Any-Latin; Latin-ASCII');
            $str = $transliterator->transliterate(mb_convert_encoding(htmlspecialchars_decode($str),$charset, 'auto'));
          $str = htmlentities($str, ENT_NOQUOTES, $charset);
          $str = preg_replace('#&([A-za-z])(?:acute|cedil|caron|circ|grave|orn|ring|slash|th|tilde|uml);#', '\1', $str);
          $str = preg_replace('#&([A-za-z]{2})(?:lig);#', '\1', $str);
          $str = preg_replace('#&[^;]+;#', '', $str);
          $str = preg_replace('/[^A-Za-z0-9\-]/', '', $str); // Removes special chars
          return $str;


    Hahaha, thank you very much when pointing me exactly which function in "Mods" (game) :D


    I will borrow "strip special code" from WordPress to rewrite function getSkipAccents because PHP has never been a Unicode native language support. I don't know why? Many guys from Israel, Euro use English only?


    I am reading https://is.gd/F2BLnq

  9. When accessing Configuration => Location & taxes => Zones to:


    1. Toggle status a zone in list, if we move to a page (not page 1) and click tick icon, after status changed, list page wil be page 1. So, paging function has a problem. Check https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo_test/ClicShoppingAdmin835/index.php?A&Configuration\Zones&Zones&2page=2&cID=73


    2. Type a country (such as France in search bar) to filter zones belong to this country, if there are more than 1 page, if you choose page 2, 3, etc,... it will not go to the page, it will load page 1 of list zone page and all zone will be counted. Eg.: with France as example, at the end of page "Display 1 to 20 (on 107)", you cannot see 21 to 107 because when click to paging icon, it will not drive you to correct page as you expect.

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  10. 13 hours ago, Patrick said:

    Do you see the Vietnamese language in  Editor ?


    Yes. I edited some phrase, delete in Works/Cache as you suggested, I some Vietnamese display on home page.


    13 hours ago, Patrick said:

    Do you see the Vietnamese icon on your catalog ?

    Yes. It is good.


    13 hours ago, Patrick said:

    Could you tell us the vietnamese language parameters (in configuration/Other) ?


    You can see here: https://imgur.com/a/za3F7XW

    And Tools => Editors: https://imgur.com/a/CFYifGZ


    13 hours ago, Patrick said:

    Do you change the chmod Work in 777 with all the subdirectories ?

    Yes. Everything is OK.


    The problem is: relationship between myclicshopping/sources/languages/vietnamese/*.txt with menu Tools => Editors => DefineLanguage

    In other words, I want to know the right way (one way only will be the best) to create Vietnamese language for my site. And the languages (are using in ClicShopping) was saved into MySQL database or in files? Which of them will be query/ read to mix to PHP code and parse to HTML?


  11. Should we install Composer to production hosting? Composer hogs RAM. So, a VPS has less than 4GB RAM cannot run Composer well. I will try Composer in my dev environment.


    On 10/15/2019 at 5:37 PM, ClicShopping said:

    The best is to have a local website, to install local and after to export in your server.


    What you mean "export"? What is the result of exporting actions?

    I don't have more knowledge of ClicShopping, but as I know exporting implies data aspects, not for hierarchical source codes/ directories.

  12. I cannot understand how to language files work. I did:


    1. In ClicShoppingAdmin Dashboad => menu Configuration => Others => Languages => click button New to create Vietnamese. The result is in my {ClicShopping installation directory}/sources/languages appeared a directory vietnamese . So, I had:

    myclicshopping/sources/languages/vietnamese with many files

    are similar to 



    2. I downloaded all of files inside myclicshopping/sources/languages/vietnamese to my PC and translated all of sentences / phrases after "=" ("is equal to" sign) from English into Vietnamese.


    3. I uploaded all of files (the result of step 2 above) override to myclicshopping/sources/languages/vietnamese


    4. In ClicShoppingAdmin Dashboad => menu Configuration => Sessions & cache => Cache control => click button Reset


    5. I accessed home page and click Vietnamese flag icon: the interface is English, but products is OK in Vietnamese.


    So, I am thinking that I forgot some steps or was wrong something in add a new language to my site. 


    I try to ClicShoppingAdmin Dashboad => menu Tools => Editors => DefineLanguage => click edit icon in a line (Shop-index) => click Vietnamese tab => click button Edit translation.


    No Vietnamese can show in parts of ClicShopping.


    What should I do?

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