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    @Drack, Thank you for this great help This fix will be included for 3.2107 version
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    Hello @Mara, look little about that. A summary I found : 1. Create relevant online consumer protection rules (GDPR) 2. Focus on personal data protection and security 3. Ready to develop a good relation with your customer, reactivity, Chat (why not), good support 4.Develop the reviews are very important 5.Allow the customer to rate your work. 6.Of course, website in SSL 7.Quality Website design
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    Hi! I can add these elements. 1. Customer base 2. Supporting applications 3. Marketing 4. Ecommerce website features and functionality 5. Content If you want to learn more about calculating the cost of an Ecommerce Website, from which it is made up and other details, so read the article https://dinarys.com/blog/how-much-does-it-cost-to-build-an-ecommerce-website Here everything is described in detail. How much cost domain name per year, website hosting, content management system (cms), ecommerce functionality, website design or theme creation, database integration and other. On average it costs from $20 000
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    ok find th solution I think, Inside this : email_welcome = We thank you for confidence that you us testified by recording you like new customer on site {{store_name}}. we have well took into account your request of inscription for the opening of an office account near our network.<br /> you will receive an email notifying the creation of your account, after validation of your request by our service customers, with the whole of information allowing you to connect and carry out your purchases on {{store_name}}<br /><br /> you will be able under privileged customer to then profit from exceptional prices on the whole of our articles by connecting you on your space customer of {{store_name}}. <br /> for any help on our services, do not hesitate with to contact our support: {{store_owner_email_address}} In : ClicShopping\Sites\Shop\Pages\Account\Actions\CreatePro and process.php you have that : (line 537 and 566) $template_email_welcome_catalog = CLICSHOPPING::getDef('email_welcome'); replace by $template_email_welcome_catalog = CLICSHOPPING::getDef('email_welcome', ['store_name' => STORE_NAME, 'store_owner_email_address' => STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS]); reset the language and try. If yes, like I think @ClicShopping look often the forum, it can make a little update on the github
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    Hello @Rainer, I created a tutorial about that : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/473-create-a-cron-to-save-your-db-on-the-server/ It will help you to resolve your problem. +
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    Hello, This tutorial allow you to create a cron to save your db in daily. if you want to change the delay, you can use this site to help you : https://crontab-generator.org/ Inside your server create a files : saveCronTabDb.sh with execute right (chmod 755) #!/bin/bash DB_USER='MyUserName' DB_PASS='MyPassword' DB_HOST='localhost' DB_NAME='MyTable' mysql -u${DB_USER} -p${DB_PASS} -h${DB_HOST} $DB_NAME < "/var/www/xxx/xxx/web8/web/myDbdirectory/myDbfilesToSave.sql" Now you can create your crontab with this command: In this case all the 21hr everyday * */21 * * * /var/www/xxx/xxx/web1/private/saveCronTabDb.sh > /var/www/xxx/xxx/web1/private/cron.log To test your cron : sh saveCronTabDb.sh To see your cron sudo crontab -l Ah do not forget to protect your directory with an htaccess # Disable directory browsing Options -Indexes <Files .htaccess> Order allow,deny Deny from all </Files>
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    This video allows you to see how to include a new template inside ClicShopping more information : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/169-template-design-alibaba/
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    Hello Engy, Thre is not a package for that, it's included inside the solution. go to Configuration /B2B / Customers details.
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    look this article : https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2018/10/18/google-shopping-reviews it can help you, I suppose
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    I think this rules are important after it's possible to work on the design page Know Who Your Target Audience is Focus on the Product Benefits Tell the Full Story Use Natural Language and Tone Use Power Words That Sell Make it Easy to Scan Optimize for Search Engines Use Good Product Images
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    Just an example found inside the paypal module public function makeApiCall($url, $parameters = null, array $headers = null) { $server = parse_url($url); $p = ['url' => $url, 'parameters' => $parameters, 'headers' => $headers ]; if ((substr($server['host'], -10) == 'paypal.com')) { $p['cafile'] = CLICSHOPPING::BASE_DIR . 'Apps/Payment/PayPal/work/paypal.com.crt'; } return HTTP::getResponse($p); } $p must be inside an array with these elements : $parameters url, headers, parameters, method, verify_ssl, cafile, certificate, proxy
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    There is a tutorial to set your email, see Best pratices / tip / trips and training
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    @McJordadino, It's not recommended but you can do that modules_create_account/content/create_account_registration <?php echo HTML::checkboxField('newsletter', 1, false, 'id="Inputnewsletter" aria-label="' . CLICSHOPPING::getDef('entry_ne wsletter') . '"'); ?> by <?php echo HTML::checkboxField('newsletter', 1, true, 'id="Inputnewsletter" aria-label="' . CLICSHOPPING::getDef('entry_newsletter') . '"'); ?>
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    I think you missed a nice article pinned on this forum You will have all the informations that you need. There the link : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/entry/9-gdpr-requirement-update-your-clicshopping-website/
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    Hello, I am not specialist but on the blog you have 2 articles. Do you read it ? https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/blog/2-e-commerce-general/ Just I know you must allow your customers to let a choice about different element like google analytics or make other things on the website like delete the account.
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    Hello @Mara, The best approach if you want to align information is to change in the css and insert a text-align: right for example . It's not included in default inside the module I do not know why. But you can make a combinaison by col-md (or sm or lg)-x (x number), the position (float) and text align inside the css . I with with this approach you can realise what you want. You can also add a new fields inside the module to manage the alignment. It's not a big developement.
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    No need development, go to Design / Configuration / Image and activate the option mage broken +
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    Yes you can do that. Alternative : Copy and rename the file, if there an update, you will not affected by your modification.
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    Just for information there is an app (no free) available on the marketplace. I think it must be that. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/33-apps-tools-export-price-comparator/
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    It can lot of reason for that. I think it's important to be at the same level than your customer and what they want and what they must buy on your website. You can propose nice product but if the customer does not trust in your website, there is no way. Do not forget, yesterday is not today. Some people have internet, has been some problem with some e-commerce website, service ... In clear, your site must inspire the trust and you must build your reputation
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    Look this website. It's a complete tool analysis with little review: https://backlinko.com/seo-tools
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    I found this point to check. What do you think about SEO :  1. Optimize for page speed 2. Secure your website with SSL 3. Create an FAQ page for your website  4. Create Short form content 5. Create long form content 6. Use simple words and short sentences 7. Be active on Social Media 8. Use Schema Metadata 9. Update your Google My Business Listing  10. Optimize Your Website’s Structured Data Markup
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