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    Like you can see, the 3.12 is out. Some files have been updated or improved. the 3.12 has been out because they have a security fix on jquery. We have updated also some script. To update ClicShopping : If you have modified the template default directory, it's better to use a beyond compare If you use another template directory, you nothing to do except to compare you have modified files to see if there is an update or not. Have a good day
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    @Patrick, Yes and no, some elements have been updated but with jquery fix, it was better to make an update.
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    Look the width of the invoice defalt logo andtake the same. You must have a specific width and height to use.
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    Look this I think it can help you : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/23-apps-report-email-validation/
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    Hello, I found a comparison there is a moment. There the information but it must be confirmed. With so many PayPal options, it is difficult to know which to use. NAME COST CUSTOMER STAY ON SIE VIRTUAL TERMINAL Paypal Standard (or IPN): per item No No Paypal Exress: per item No No Paypal Advanced: per item plus $5/month Yes No Paypal Pro: per item plus $30/month Yes Yes For all of the modules, you may be able to negotiate a better rate if you talk to Paypal.
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    Hi Eolia, You can manage this problem in your configuration, you have different choice, like to create department, sent in copy to several people. I think these options can help you to set your shop.
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    Do you look the blog, you have section about install et secure ClicShopping. I recommend you to look these informations. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/blog/3-clicshopping/
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    The demo ha a slogan : We are open 24hr / 24hr. Come to see us ! How to change this sentence ?
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