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  1. You can add inside your module css this element. It must work and you can define a resize like you want. .carousel-item>img{ max-width: 100%; max-height: 300px; }
  2. Hi @JKaz Wecome, the migration is easy, it import all the element from Oscommerce Db, except the specific base. ClicShopping is a different application, all can be imported is made. About the module, Above, ClicShopping has wrote a post how to do, just follow. it's simple. In tools menu, choose extension, official module option an search apps_tools_import_data.
  3. Patrick

    My first Module : What's App button

    Nice ! I make some order on Aliexpress and some chinese companies work with what's app. For moment, the answer is a little long but there is a support. The idea is cool.
  4. Patrick

    looking product tab

    Nice I will test this new module. Thank you @Julie
  5. Like I see, all the oscommerce can be imported inside ClicShopping. The approach to make a new import is enough simple.
  6. Patrick

    looking product tab

    Ok, interesting approach. Maybe it's better to make this and remove tab-pane active by tab-pane from the class list in the loop and add jQuery script $(document).ready(function(){ $(".tab-pane").first().addClass("active"); });
  7. Patrick

    looking product tab

    Tk, Julie I am waiting your example.
  8. Patrick

    looking product tab

    Do you know if a module like that exist or not ?
  9. I use Paypal standard, no problem and no complicate to use. I am looking a payment module in relation with a bank. In your opinion, how many payment solution must be include inside tha shop ?
  10. Welcome JPB, Look this post https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/50-migration-from-oscommerce/ It can help in your process. You must download an extansion, after you can install and import your oscommerce data. it's simple.
  11. Just a question, Do you have installed ClicShopping with this subdirectory - boutique or other directory or directly inside your root. the first index.php inside Clicshopping is made allowing you to create an introduction page. If you have just installed all the files inside boutique directory, you can't use this function without to create a subdirectory in your website and move all the files inside this subdirectory (don't forget to update your config files).
  12. Do you look inside the extensions. I think you will have all that you want. All the modules in the products description are not inside the core. You must install yourself what you need.
  13. Go to includes directories, choose Works, and with your ftp option change the directory rights to 777. Do not forget to check the box sub-directories.
  14. Do you check write permission in 777 on .../Works/logs directory and log.txt file in it. You must have a warning information in your Backoffice.
  15. Ok, tk. I have an idea now how to test my work and optimize the site or the server.

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