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    Hello, Just a note , I just published the Release 3.2131 see announcement for more explanations.
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    This release fix little minor bugs discover. Fix typage tax when is null indi the shopping cart fix categories tree in products when Cpath not exist (update) Fix bootstrap float update composer preloader fix warning customer tab in group (hooks) add hooks in reviews write Update dashboard module google link Add a new dashboard File marketplace allowing to know the latest modules and apps.
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    The maintenance version fix and improve some elements from 3.213. The full php 7.4 (not compatible with 7.3.3 has started); In summary : Add Top Dashboard Hooks to be manage accross apps Add hooks dashboard ShortCut add review products listing add reviews shopping cart Remove Preview App and replace in Products fix remove products for reviews fix error sql shopping cart fix on / off color shipping customer group fix display box information if count > 0 fix customer group with taxes or whithout taxes indicator fix filename tell_friend template remove deprecated code Typage
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    Hello @Namiko, For the logo, you can change via the banner, (Marketing menu) Fo theinvoice logo, you can find inside the configuration menu and My store : note for this you must upload a new image inside the logo/invoice directory.
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    You can try that : Backing up a single database mysqldump -u username -p database_name > data-dump.sql Restoring or loading the database mysql -u username -p new_database < data-dump.sql
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    I installed this module and it works fine. Look there : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/184-module-boxes-google-translate/
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    Hello @Namiko, Welcome, i look a little the b2B aspect and ClicShopping has different capacities in this field - the catalog without the price ==> Yes you can for all products or just a specific products - with a specific account for this people. => Yes you have 2 forms, one for the customer one, for B2B. You can remove the B2B. Look the B2B configuration, customer group and the option inside the products, you will see the different settings.
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    @Catalina, You can upload and push the files inside your test website. If all is ok, you can push on your production. If you want to know the change, use a tool like beyond compare, you can compare the files and see the update.
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    Hello, It's not so difficult to make an upgrade. I look the update, there 2 sql update. in first, go to your phpmyadmin and update the Db. in second, just send the files in your server. Do not forget it's a pre release, some modification can be made the last minute For you it's good to make a test. That's all. My recommendation before that, do the update in your local server, If your have no problem, go in production. About the module, it will have no problem.


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