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    All available on the Market Place modules are certified. They were tested with the current version of ClicShopping and always correspond to the latest version .

    You should not have a problem with installation. If you have a non-functional module or if ou find a fault on one of these modules , please contact us .

    We grouped the modules according to their specifcity in correspondence with the architecture ClicShopping .

    We support our modules a small installation manual. But first, we strongly urge you to read the guides or use the specifications we have written to help you understand and use the solution of social e-commerce ClicShopping .

    If you want to offer a free module, it should be evaluated by us and if accepted, it will be on the Market Place. You are a company providing service , please contact us for the development of a partnership.

    We hope offered to all those who use ClicShopping have access to modules that have been evaluated , certified and which are related to the code and the development process of ecommerce solution .