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    Corporate Contacts

    Use corporate contact markup on your official website to add your company's contact information to the Google Knowledge panel in some searches. Knowledge panels can prominently display your customer service phone number.

    Get started quickly with these instructions for formatting and publishing the proper markup code if your company has service phone numbers that are national or global in scope.



    Via  ClicShopping administration

    Technicals prérequis  : None

    Modules :

    - Developped by  : e-Imaginis
    - Compatibility : < version 3.0
    - Certify par : e-Imaginis

    Specific documentation to use this module : Aucune

    Installation : 

    - Downlopad the files 
    - In your administration : Tools  / module install
    - Dans Step 2 : choose module fix


    Step 1 : In Configuration / Search Engine - Networking / Meta data activation
    Step 2 : Clic on View modules
    Step 3 : Activate the module