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    This module allows you to add a script in the header or footer (preferably ) to your site. Crazy Egg is a tool allowing you to analyze the behavior of your visitors and improve the user experience.

    You can have : 
    -  Of "heat maps" or heat map, which highlight the most observed areas and clicked on your pages 
    - The "scrollmaps" to visualize how visitors descend on the pages, and what content is most to highlight 
    - A calculation of clicks for each element of your pages, so you know what links, buttons, etc.. attract more click 
    - And finally, a tool to recover all clicks made ​​on your store, and distribute by traffic source, keywords research.

    You can find more information on this module by visiting crazy egg 
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    Via the installation system of ClicShopping administration 
    You must register on Crazyegg

    Technical Prerequisites: None

    - Developed by : e- Imaginis
    - Compatibility: < version 3.0
    - Certified by e- Imaginis
    - Multi- languages

    Recommendation and documentation specific use : 
    You must have an open account on Crazyegg
     - Click on "Add new snapshot."
     - Give a name to your snapshot.
    - Enter the URL of the page you want to analyze.
    - Click on the "Save" button.
    - Place the tracking tag in your page.


    - Download the file that is in your control account / Information
    - In your Administration Tools / Installer module
    - In Step 2 : Choose fixed module
    - In step 3: choose your template or the module will be installed (if required )


    Step 1: Design  / Layout / footer
    Step 2: Click to see the modules
    Step 3: Enable the module Crazy Egg


    Further information is provided with this video .