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    Cyberplus Payment is multilingual and multicurrency solution (euros , dollars, yen ... ) and accept all payment cards ( Carte Bleue, Visa , Mastercard , American Express, Aurore , JCB, Diner's ... ) . Buyers worldwide can come do their shopping 24h/24h and 7/7. Cyberplus payment service monitors and provides options for back office with Cyberplus Office .

    To set up payment Payment CyberPlus Banque Populaire , meet your financial counselor and open an " Account distance selling Internet payment " ( CyberPlus contract payment " SYSTEMPAY " type , with us as "contact art. "

    This module contains

    - The language files in English and French
    - The css file in French and English
    - Module


    Via the installation system of ClicShopping administration 

    Technical Prerequisites: None

    - Developed by : e- Imaginis
    - Compatibility: < version 3.0
    - Certified by e- Imaginis
    - Multi- languages

    Recommendation and documentation specific use :
    To use the payment solution you need to contact the bank of the Banque Populaire
    Learn more about Atos Worldline and information about the module


    - Download the file that is in your control account / Information
    - In your Administration Tools / Installer module
    - In Step 2 : Choose fixed module


    Step 1: In the menu Configuration / modules / Payment
    Step 2: Click to see the modules
    Step 3: Activate the module with ATOS Payment by Credit Card


    Atos SIPS module to connect to the bank is pre- integrated into ClicShopping . However, it is necessary to perform some procedures to put into production.

    We implemented the test certificates for a certain number of bank. The production requires a little work on the site.

    Step 1 : Binary

    Atos offers 2 binary request and response . They may vary depending on the server you must install the module.

    Atos offers 2 binary request and response . They may vary depending on the server you must install the module.
    The files we provide you with work in a 64bit linux environment
    These files must be uploaded in binary mode (request and response) in the ATOS FTP directory. Otherwise, an error may appear during the checkout process.
    These files should be chmod 755 to function properly.

    Step 2: Parcom and Certif

    The bank will provide you with 2 specific files to output module:
    - Xxxx represent a number.
    - The parcom.xxxxx must be downloaded in automatic mode ( ASCII) in the ATOS directory
    - The certif.fr.xxxxx must be downloaded in binary mode in the ATOS directory

    Step 3: Configuring the module

    2 fields will be selected from the ATOS module

    - Id Dealer : A number should appear in connection with your xxxx
    - Filename general parameter should appear parcom.xxxx

    Step 4: Configure Session

    Please check this:

    Configuration / Sessions & Cache / Sessions

    Please put these values ​​:

    Forced use of cookies False
    Check the session ID False
    Check False user
    Check the IP address False
    Prevent Spider Sessions True
    True recreate a session

    Step 5 : Test the payment module

    - Place one or two orders
    - Put your module false pending confirmation that the transactions were correct

    Step 6: Contact your bank or atos

    - Via the information given to you , contact your bank or ATOS support for verification. If everything is good, you can activate your module.

    If you souhiatez intervention on our part, please contact us.