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    A price comparison is a web service that allows you to compare prices on the Internet. Sending a query produces a response in the form of a list of products available from different merchants, mostly online

    This module allows you to export your products in different ways, it is a universal module. 
    It is not affiliated with product comparison engine, but it aims to export all products in a specific format. 

    If this module does not work with your partner, do not hesitate to contact us, then we can create a specific module.

    - Generating document in real time or file 
    - Secure password or not the file generation 
    - Depending on the module generating the XML file or txt 
    - Export file based on installed languages


    Via the installation system in the ClicShopping administration 
    You must register on infoPrix.ca

    Technical Prerequisites: None


    - Developed by : e- Imaginis
    - Compatibility: < version 3.0
    - Certified by e- Imaginis
    - Multi- languages

    Recommendation and documentation specific use : No


    - Download the file that is in your control account / Information
    - In your Administration Tools / Installer module
    - In Step 2 : Choose the module template
    - In Step 3 : Choose your template or the module is installed


    Step 1: In the menu Tools / Datas exportation /  Datas export
    Step 2: Fill the fields
    Step 3: Copy URL