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    Concept :

    The Hosting pack contains ClicShopping Pro, hosting on a dedicated server designed specifically for ClicShopping. It includes pre-installed modules and ready to use.

    The daily cost of ClicShopping is only 2.66 € /day*.

    It is a solution that comes with specific support for you:

    - to have the updates on the ClicShopping core,
    - Support via our CRM
    - Discounts on services.

    With ClicShopping, create your online store "responsive design" and sell on the web enjoying the many e-commerce functionality, a code HTML5 / CSS3 optimized for SEO (url rewriting, responsiv design, etc..) and a back office simple to use. 

    You can easily integrate a graphic, include new module on your website, shipping and banking, see develop your own module.

    What is your interest in using the social e-commerce solution ClicShopping ?

    Since 2004, Imaginis brings innovation and reliability to the world of e-commerce by offering ClicShopping an easy open-source solution of social ecommerce,  scalable and free suitable for all needs. We offer modules social e-commerce since 2008.

    ClicShopping allows you to enjoy a secure online shop containing many ecommerce features.

    In addition, its character and its open-source PHP and MySQL design give you the ability to customize your website according to your wishes. ClicShopping is indeed a real modular and customizable solution.

    Addons (or modules a  la carte) may be added to some ClicShopping to complete your own activity functional aspects.

    Who Should Use ClicShopping ?

    - You can edit e-commerce projects of any size and any type with ClicShopping
    - You do not want to bother you with updates, accommodation 
    - You want to have some flexibility on the tool 
    - Major, SMB, entrepreneurs, self-employed entrepreneurs

    How to obtain more information on ClicShopping ?

    You are a software developer, a provider in the creation of websites, a web agency or a communication agency for example, are interested in ClicShopping and you would like more information about this solution of social e-commerce open source ? contact us

    For your website project, make ClicShopping your ecommerce solution  reference! !


    Pre-installed modules (part catalog) yes
    Basic Design * yes
    Support Open Source Community  yes
    Dedicated support via CRM ** yes
    Update ClicShopping: Intervention by us *** on the core of the solution yes

    * Creating a custom design is extra
    Conditions **: This material is advice support and does not include any statements made in your application or training in the use of the tool or debugging following an operation on your part
    *** The update does not take account of the changes that you made ​​in your template.


    Website hosted on a dedicated server specific ClicShopping yes
    Size of website 5 Go
    Nbr email (smtp + pop) 5
    Webmail Roundcube
    Backup*  yes
    FTP (template access) 1
    Mysql Base  1
    Bandwidth**  illimitée
    operating system Linux Débian
    Internet Server Apache 2
    PHP 5.3.3
    Fight against spam and email security are key  
    Dmark Technology yes
    Adsp Technology yes
    DKIM Technology yes
    SPF Technology yes
    * 1 time per week 
    ** If your site takes too much server load unemigration a more appropriate server will be offered


    FrontOffice modules to your disposition
      Introduction page
      Products new
      Upcoming products
    Product Categories  
      Name of categories
      Categories description
      Catégories products new
    Products Description  
      Product name
      Product model
      Product description
      Image gallery
      Product options
      Product price
      Product tab
      Customers are also purchased + defautl template
      Shipping delay
      Product available
      Product short description
      Product Flash discount
      Product manufacturer URL
      Product quantity mnimal
      Product action customer
      Display products new (message)
    Customer login  
      Customer account B2B / B2C
      Customer accountt B2C
      login via Paypal
    Account customer  
      information account
    Shopping cart  
      Process order (banner)
      Process order (banner)
      Free shipping
      Shipping byr item
      Shipping flat
      Process order (banner)
      Paypal payment
    Order Summary  
      Process order (banner)
    Contact form  
      Contact form
      Description text for the form
    Header website  
      Clicshopping header (default)
      Responsiv banner
    Website footer  
      link main informations
      Social network
    Search engine  
      Search help
      Search by criteria
      Search by price
      Search by categories
    SEO Meta tag  
      Meta tag canonical
      Meta categories
      Meta favicon
      Meta index page 
      Meta description product page
      Meta favorites page
      Meta specials page 
      Meta products new page
      Meta blog
      Meta blog content
      Meta sitemap
      Meta robot
    Social network  
      Meta twitter card
      Meta OpenGraph
      Google +
      Sumamry article + default template
    Blog content (article)  
      Article title
      Article description
    Products new Listing  
      Products new + default template
    Favorites  Listing  
      Favorites + default template
    Specials  Listing
      Specials + default template
    Left and right columns  
      Boxe categories
      Boxe blog
      Boxe order summary
      Boxe shopping cart
      Boxe  search engine
      Boxe favorites
      Boxe specials
      Boxe prodcuts new
      Boxe main informations
      Boxe secondary informations
      Boxe payment / shipping
      Boxe best sellers
    Website sitemap  
      Summary website access
      listing od categories and products
    tracking Système  
      Google analytics
      Méta for products, blog, favorites ...
    And other plug in offer  

    *  off promotions and graphic integration and options