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    This guide aims to help you make the first parameters with ClicShopping for Configuration Regulation, stocks .... will be themes that will be explained in this section.
    We will not develop all, but the essentials to familiarize yourself with the tool. Depending on your getting started, it will be easier to identify the points on which you want to change a setting or not.

    All the steps described below occur in the setting menu of the ClicShopping administration


    Step 1 : General setting 

    - Menu Configuration / My Store / General configuration

    This section aims to help you set required for the operation of the tool elements. These are general criteria.


    Store Name: Enter the name of your business

    E-Mail address of the shop: Insert your contact email address: myemail@mydomain.com

    field 'From'  of an email sent: Type your email address: ClicShopping Please be careful to <> between email

    View a department of the company in the Contact Us form : Please insert multiple email with your department, this field is for the contact form:

    ex : Commercial service <monemail@mondomain.com>, Technical Support<monemail1@mondomain.com>, Partnership<monemail2@mondomain.com>
    Please be careful to <> between the email and separated by a between each department

    Name, address, country and store : please put your address store

    Show Prices with Taxes : Displays the price of the product with the tax.

    - Menu Configuration / My Store /  Regulation management

    This section aims to help you set up in relation to your regulatory legislation so that it obeys the rules of your country

    Do you manage a country with a double tax sales ? If you are for example in Quebec, please enable this feature.
    Number of provincial tax Only state with provinces like Quebec
    Number of federal tax Only state with provinces like Canada
    Legal information on invoices Specifc information to be included on the options not offered by invoice


    - Menu Configuration / My Store / Stock management

    Please check the options that are interesting in terms of stock management

    - Menu Configuration / My Store /  Email options Management 

    Based servers, it may be that you have to change a number of settings.

    Method of transmission of email Most linux servers use the sendmail protocol
    Use MIME HTML for sending emails It is best not to send HTML emails. They may end up in Spam
    Activation emails His option must be enabled for the emails to be sent to your customers



    Step 2 : Setting my backoffice

    The menu covers all the settings of your administration, have no influence on the catalog.

    Menu Configuration / My backoficce / Status of such orders PDF file editing / bills

    You can create additional statuses to meet your needs in your business. This concerns the sending of invoices

    Menu Configuration / My backoficce / Status tracking for shipments for orders / invoices

    If a proposed shipping companies do not exist, you can create one. It should be noted that the number traking must be at the end of the URL for proper operation

    Menu Configuration / My backoficce / Order Status

    You can create additional order statuses to meet your needs in your business. This concerns the sending of invoices.

    ​Step 3 : Setting the mode of the store B2B / B2C / B2B-B2C

    Menu Configuration /  B2B Customer Management / Configuration

    Administration of the store to use (B2C, B2B or B2C/B2B) :  
    Please to choose the mode you want to use, it has an important consequence in the catalog at the customer registration process.

    Must also select the correct module on market Place at login so that all parameters are functional. For example, you want to be B2B and you chose  B2C module this will not work at the store, it will download the module B2B.


    ​Step 4 : Configuring how the B2B shop / B2C / B2B-B2C

    Menu Configuration /  Module / Payment  / 
    Please select a payment method. Becarefull, you must  must read the installation instructions and documentation when buying a payment module. The market place will offer you several choices

    Menu Configuration /  Module / Shipping / 
    Please select a payment method. Becarefull, you must read the installation instructions and documentation when purchasing a shipping module. The market place will offer you several choices


    Take the time to browse the configuration menu options to choose  that suits you best. Some have repercussions on the site, others in the administration. Other guides have been made in relation to specific objectives and in relation to the configuration of your site.

    Step 5 : How to Install a module

    ClicShopping has a system to download and automatic installation of modules. you just need to follow the steps that are specified by the process of installing the module.
    We recommand you to download the functional specification, this document help you to select the modules to download or not.

    You can install two types of modules

    Note : Whatever the type of module, it is indicated in the instructions for installing the module on the marketplace.

    Modules for template:

    These are modules that are installed directly into the template, they include: French language, english language, css in french and english, module, script and imagess. 
    Please note, if you have multiple template, you must install the module in each template. the template being independent of one another.

    Fixed modules:
    The modules will be used by the system. For example, the modules of payment, shipping.

    Modules for the template 
    These are specific modules such as template script jquery, bootstrap, set up special effects or template customization via CSS

    We invite you to read this section to learn more