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    ClicShopping was born after many experiences  in ecommerce. Competition in this field is very important and there are many good solutions in this area.

    ClicShopping tries to answer the needs that were identified in the companies want to sell on the Internet

    Technology is the current standard and runs on most linux servers. However, the script requires little server resource. ClicShopping work with a shared server.

    The core of the solution was built on the open source OsCommerce script, which was one of the first OpenSource solutions used in the web. So many modules offered in payment, shipment ... may be compatible with ClicShopping under conditions few updates.

    ClicShopping is intended for medium  sites which are generally designed for  medium businesses. However, this does not prevent to thousands of products and have thousands of orders made. This works without problems with a server that is suitable for use.

    We also bet, unlike other solutions offering a complete front office with too much information to allow the user to ClicShopping have a true reflection about its online store and answer exactly these questions:

    - What are the features that I should offer my clients?
    - At what moment I must suggest ?
    - What types of information do I display my clients ?

    The objective is to guide the user to the best and the order is made by the customer.

    Contrary to what one might think, it is not easy to answer these questions. It is necessary to go through a specifications that will help you to have clearer ideas.

    It is with this objective that we have decided to propose a catalog (front office) white after installing ClicShopping and a pack to start easily installable.

    It can disrupt but it is also our goal to bring you to a deeper reflection on your project.

    It is up to you to implement the requirements you set and determine your objectives and your investment.

    We can help you via 2 specifications :

    The first concerns your project, what you want to do?
    The second is technical aspect, how will I set up my solution and what type of module I need?

    These two specifications will help you clarify your ideas and then move to the step of making. Develop an e-commerce site is not that just make a simple decision to navigate the stream. This is a strategic decision, which must have a vision, a goal and means. This is a real project to be a reflection and taking time to work accordingly.

    There are many companies that can help you in this area

    The market place will offer modules at a reduced cost, the work done at a cost and our goal is to propose a cheap solution but requires a small initial investment. A completely free solution is not our design and a monetary investment implies an earnings target to achieve.

    Even if you do not opt ​​for the solution of social e-commerce ClicShopping, we do not want you. However, the specifications that are offered may apply to all e-commerce solutions and you will advance in your project, save time and money.

    Some advantages of ClicShopping compared to its competitors

    - Lightweight script :
    ClicShopping does not require a lot of memory used on the server. ClicShopping is not a problem of overload on a shared server in time and wiil save you from having accommodation closed by your host.

    - Adaptability of the solution :
    The store of ClicShopping is built as a module, they are bricks that you put in place. Finally, you create a store at your images and depending on the services you want to offer your customers.
    We voluntarily put cantilever what is currently offered in competing solutions. The total investment you will make in ClicShopping will always be inferior to purchase investment you will make in other competing solutions (see payment module for example). Either the module where complicated simple, it is still the same price.

    - Code :
    Understanding of the code and its operation is very easy, also the css is separated and therefore it is very easy to make a change in the tool without having to search a lot. A time gain very valuable in developing but also for neophytes in understanding the tool.

    -Ready for mobile and tablets :
    With technology included in ClicShopping, Bootstrap and media queries, you can easily customize your template to the environment of mobile and tablets.

    - MarketPlace : 
    Modules in the ClicShopping market place are all certified. So you have a uniform code. A lot of work has been done, it is for this reason that they are not free but available at low prices.

    - Best practices: 
    We are looked a large number of tools and recognized sites offer different features in open source solutions on the market. We tried to create a tool with a added value for the user.

    - Community Involvement: 
    Concerning the development of this project and based on annual financial results, we will make  a donate to the osCommerce community to help them to maintain their infrastructure.

    More informations on ClicShopping