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    As part of the 3rd edition of Issues Ecommerce, Fevad published 2014 edition of Key Figures of e-commerce with a complete mapping in France and Europe (market, consumers, jobs ...). 

    There is a small summary graphs: 
    France get the 6th largest ranks in the world of online business. In 2013, 33.8 million people bought online, with almost 18 purchases average buyer. 

    The e-commerce market weighed 51.1 billion euros, or 13.5% compared to 2013/2012. 

    The internet sales accounted for 5.5% of retail trade. 

    4.6 million French have purchased from their mobile. 

    Sales on mobile internet, smartphones and tablets are estimated at € 2.6 billion in 2013, or 160% compared to 2012 and 5% of the internet market.