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    Innov'Concept Consulting unveils new single features in the world of e -commerce with the new 2.34 release of ClicShopping .
    ClicShopping is also developed in cooperation with the Innov -Concept company based in Montreal

    Tuesday, March 24, 2014 - Imaginis and Inno'Concept have set online yesterday, 2.34 version of its free social site e-commerce B2B - B2C - B2B/B2C software. With a new integration of responsive design and unique features on the market, this version present at merchants everything they need to create a successful online store .

    This new version also present an online store compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops , includes new features for editing from the css backoffice modules . In addition, the template system has been revised for ease of use and development

    "We are very proud to launch the 2.34 version to present this new version to the world. " Says Loa¯c Richard , Founder of CliCShopping . "This new version , available in OpenSource and free in its basic version , has been designed to use made ​​for small and medium business . "

    What's New in 2.34 ClicShopping

    - System management review template for a better use and ease of development
    - Integration of a css editor to edit the css On line
    - Integration of the latest version of bootstrap to see just the ecommerce store via smartphone , tablet or computer
    - Performance indicators evolving over your business and appraissant in the first page of the Back Office.
    - Functionality quick preview integrated in product management
    - Updating latest modules
    - New french regulation and standard regulation in Canada
    - + 250 modules on the marketplace to built you ecommerce store

    About the Imaginis

    Founded in 2003, Imaginis is a leading e- commerce solutions for 10 years . CliCShopping is open - source, free software that lets you create and develop its business of selling online. ClicShopping is available in French and English and can be downloaded freely on the clicshopping.org site. Very complete , the software is based on advanced technology and thanks to its modularity allows each merchant to provide specific services to their client.