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    The template system ClicShopping has been designed to be as flexible as possible with the largest ecommerce site pages. the aim is to involve a minimum in the code to match the template as desired Store.

    That said, like all user needs are different and everyone's taste as it is important to understand how the code works to adjust the desired items.

    On the market place you'll find template specifically made. We emphasize that all functional modules are certified to use them. 

    A previous article explained briefly what a template (template). For more information, please visit the page wikipédia

    How the template system is built ClicShopping?

    The approach was preferred is a display module or approach each module has its own specificity. A module can be constructed using the database, call a function, use the original file including all php data (for more information see the article for this purpose). 

    It is perfectly possible to add a function in a module or class do call to the function / classes put in a réptoire the called function or class module. 

    Each module has at least 2-4 characteristics of bases for the user:

    - The sort order that aims to display the module in the desired location 
    - The page or module will be displayed for boxes (right and left column), the header andfooter 
    - The group name banner sépcifique module 
    - The display on the right or left to the boxes (right and left column)

    It is clear that these elements are the base and you can add other options settings. 

    The graph below represents the main way to make a template.

    Le header

    The system module ClicShopping can display multiple headers.

    - A header according to the specificity of the language
    - Different headers depending on the page
    - Different headers depending if you are in mode B2B or B2C.
    - Several modules in the header

    The example below includes three headings.

    The module header in white background 

    Each element of this module being associated with the management system of banners. In the case of this example, the display is on all pages of the site and changes depending on language

    Dark brown Module module

    This module displays one or more drop-down menus based on mouseover. This can be static or dynamic text. 
    Same, this module appears on all pages and the display order of the module was set location in number 2

    The Categories module

    This module aims to display in a large menu categories and subcategories of the site. 
    Same, this module appears on all pages and the display module order was positioned number 3

    La banner module 

    This module aims to display different imagess representing the product brand or advertising. 
    It is related to the management system of the banners. You can put one or more banners will be displayed randomly by default unless the programmed module uses a script to make slides for example.

    This module only appears in the homepage.

    Note :
    It is an organization but from the display order can be changed very simply positioning module. 

    The images below shows the modules that are enabled with their display order
    The images represents desous options available to the user on a header unit 

    It shows the sort order, the group name banner (if banner to create and display), and the selection of the pages or the module will be displayed


    Display modules columns Right and Left

    CTG modern cms, columns left or right are widely exploited. Depending on requirements, there is little visual display with one column to the left or right or both columns.

    ClicShopping offers different display columns based on selected options.

    - A display either right or left
    - A choice of page display module
    - A sort order module
    - A banner at the top of the module

    These features allow a very high flexibility.

    Thus, in the summary page of the order, it is preferable to display no boxing to prevent the client go see another product. Interest to appear or is not strategic boxes especially in the field of e-commerce.

    The modules of the core content

    Depending on the pages, it is perfectly possible to display additional information. For example, the entry site, a module that displays promotions, another news, an introduction page with a video .... 
    In the shipping page, a banner or a text showing step of the ordering process. 
    In this axis and according to pages, many types of modules can be set up and adapted to the specificity of the page 

    The example below shows the home page 

    - A module containing a large promotional banner Product 
    - A link for a set of 
    - 3 other small modules, each providing specific information.

    The footer module

    Just as the header, footer can contain multiple modules

    - A footer depending on the specificity of the language
    - The footers different depending on the page
    - The footers different depending if you're into fashion, B2B or B2C.
    - Several modules inserted into the footer

    The example below contains several module type

    - One, displaying a set of information on the managed site from administraiton
    - One, containing a set of links for the product
    - One, showing copyright


    Module structure 

    This structure applies to all modules. If you want more information, please visit this article
    Nothing to do 

    ---- template

    Changes can be made
    --------- Bootstrap 
    --------------- graphism
    --------------------  css
    ------------------------- french
    -----------------------------  modules
    --------------- javascript
    --------------- languages
    ------------------- french
    ------------------------ modules
    ------------------------ nom du modules

    ---- template

    --------- Directory template name (may vary and contain multiple template) 
    ------------------------- Directory for management css by language 
    ----------------------------- Directory on the management of css modules 
    --------------- Directory on javascript to own template 
    --------------- Directory overload languages 
    ------------------- Directory overload language 
    ------------------------ Directory overload language for modules 
    ------------------- directories modules 
    ------------------------ Directories containing all modules