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    ClicShopping has a specific structure in order to facilitate its use. As most software are based on a system model / view / controler, this is not the case in this solution.
    Based on the OsCommerce core, the structure has been fully reviewed in order to improve its maintenance and its use.

    The entire system has been rewritten for greater ease of use and flexibility. It is easy to write small modules and integrate them into the template quickly. 
    They are also changing as it is possible to add options to the base modules if you are not satisfied.

    It is obvious to this element to have knowledge in php, css, html5 basically.

    Key elements elements to know

    The root 

    The boutique directory  : contains all operations php, mysql: usually the files within that directory are not changed. it would result in an update, a specific intervention. 
    The include directory : same as the catalog, there is no recommended to change because it contains all the classes, functions necessary for the proper functioning of ClicShopping

    The directory sources

    Two cases to consider 

    - The script directory contains basic script to use the tool, it is not advisable to put other. This will go into the directory of the template in case you want to add other scripts 
    - The languages ​​directory:  contains data on languages, no need to change a term, it will be only in the template directory 
    - The images directories: This contains subdirectories, they will help you classify your imagess in the right categories (eg product picture will go directly into products). It contains a subdirectory named template containing imagess of languages ​​used on the site.

    The directory template 

    This directory contains all editable files.

    The template 

    Generally, a template (template) contains the following elements, a header (header), footer (footer), a left column (column_left), a right column (column_right) and happy (central content). 
    ClicShopping is compatible with Bootrap 3.x and jquery, you can choose the level of administration, you can adapt the files, modules, css directory accordingly.

    The files directory: 

    It is related to the core content 
    This directory contains all the files that can be edited. Since it represents the contents of the central structure of the site, it will be little necessary to intervene inside except for a few execeptions. Most files are based on the modules.

    The graphism directory

    Inside we find the css language. Each subdirectory is in connection with a module. Depending on the module, or you must take action to change the color, make it .... it will be in the module directory it will be here to change these or add css later.
    Please note that it is unnecessary to reduce (minify), the compressed_css that support file.

    The languages ​​directory 

    This directory 2 duties. Make an overload of sources / languages ​​directory and install new language files. 
    Overloading the directory languages ​​serves to use the same variable and change its content. The advantage of this system is  if there is an update is made and variables are added, you will not have to modify. Please respect the nomenclature source directory / languages

    For example, I need to change this variable  define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Specials !');
    In My directory template/bootstrap/languages/french/, create a file that will be named specials.php then inside I put my new define either : define('HEADING_TITLE', 'At this time !');

    If I need to change in a module then it will recreate the directory structure of the original languages ​​file. 

    When installing a module that automatically creates files in the language folder of the template.

    The directory javascript

    This directory contains all the javascript specific template. As each template is independent, it is perfectly possible to build modules specific to each template created.

    The directory module

    This directory contains all the files that will be included in the site's content (central axis). It is divided into several sub directories. Each subdirectory with a specific display features on the site. For example, I want to change in the product description page, the title of the product. The module therefore be located in the subdirectory modules_products_info is the directory of the product description page.

    In summary regarding the structure of the source file
    Nothing to do
    ---- download
    ---- images
    ---------french (exemple)
    -------------  moduled
    ---- public
    ---- template

    Changes can be made
    --------- Bootstrap 
    --------------- graphism
    --------------------  css
    ------------------------- french
    -----------------------------  modules
    --------------- javascript
    --------------- languages
    ------------------- french
    ------------------------ modules

    ---- Downloads directory 
    ---- Directory images management 
    ---- Directory for common javascript to all template 
    ---- Directory languages 
    --------- The language directory 
    ------------- Directory language module 
    ---- Directory on creations newsletter that public access 
    ---- template

    --------- Directory template name (may vary and contain multiple template) 
    --------------- Directory containing the content 
    --------------- Directory on the management of css 
    -------------------- Directory on the management of css 
    ------------------------- Directory for management css by language 
    ----------------------------- Directory on the management of css modules 
    --------------- Directory on javascript to own template 
    --------------- Directory overload languages 
    ------------------- Directory overload language 
    ------------------------ Directory overload language for modules 
    ------------------- Directories modules