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    hamon lawEntry into force 13 June 2014, The Hamon Act provides new rules applicable to e-commerce materials on strengthening consumer rights

    What you should know and review:

    A) The general conditions of sale

    A number of clauses in your terms and conditions must be corrected

    1 / Time and manner of withdrawal

    Previously minimum 7 days, the withdrawal period is 14 days now from the date of signature for a service and delivery for a purchase of goods. In addition, there is further provided an additional 14 days for the return of the item is effective.

    The consumer law also requires the provision of a standardized form to facilitate the withdrawal of the consumer.

    In practice: this will cause a number of effects on your internal processes for returns and refunds must be put in place.

    For example concerning the reimbursement of shipping costs, only the cost of Shipping must be repaid. We must also change the pages on your website describing the process rembourrsement.

    2 / time and terms of delivery

    Hamon Act provides for delivery of up to 30 days. Beyond this period, the buyer on the internet can request a full refund of the service or property to the seller.
    In addition, the new law prohibits the consumption to weigh the risks of transportation on the online shopper.

    In practice: You will reformulate the terms of your terms and conditions and avoid suggest that the consumer would be responsible for the risks inherent in the transport upon delivery.

    B) The order process

    1 / checked Options

    Hamon law prohibits pre-ticking for all revenue options.
    In case of non payment of a specifically chosen option, the consumer may demand a refund even if the "optional" services have been rendered or goods delivered. Only paid options are concerned, the "subscribe to our free newsletter" with a pre-ticking seems tolerated.

    In case of choosing between several charge but mandatory options, such as delivery, for example, should be ticked by default the least expensive option.

    In practice: If you use this option, you must carefully review the process of ordering your website.

    2 / Mentions to be quoted in the shopping cart

    The mention of payment and all restrictions on delivery (eg, delivery in Metropolitan France only) must be recalled later than the beginning of the ordering process in the shopping cart.

    In practice: You want your customers to have clear information throughout the ordering process from the shopping cart until its completion. Changes will be to implement in your tool

    3 / Review "Order" button

    Hamon law requires an additional step before the payment of the order: once the product description and total price recalled, the consumer must explicitly acknowledge having understood that he was to proceed to the payment of the order.

    The "order" button before the payment of the order must contain a clear message "Confirm order with obligation to pay." This element can be changed at the discretion of the website manager insofar expression chosen remains unambiguous.

    In practice: it is enough for some to change the button name preceding the payment and put a box certifying that the consumer understands the act of purchase and that acceding box.

    4 / Change order confirmation emails

    Since June 13, 2014 All text must be contained on a "durable medium". It must allow the consumer to store information and to consult them at any time or to reproduce exactly.