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    In the philosophy of ClicShopping, we explained that a project to develop an online e-commerce must be considered and matured through a strategy and objectives.

    Too many companies realize a project just because they must appear on the internet, anticipate a competitor... This is legitimate, but do so without investment objectives,  risk to have very quickly  some problems and cause unforeseen costs or major disappointments.

    Small merchants or SMEs want to reducing costs to a minimum, but quickly realize that their website is not frequented or not orders made ​​... Often the expectation goes to disappointment. Opting for a OpenSource solution is very interesting in itself because it avoids defining a specification  requires special expertise or prohibitive development costs.

    However, open source does not mean all free. Unfortunately, many people think they can sell on the Internet without making a single investment or very little, which is not true because the cost of maintenance, evolution, development, change is almost the same as a proprietary solution. A tool has been designed to ensure maximum effectiveness in achieving your goals.

    Creating an e-commerce site through five stages, the first one is optional but highly recommended.

    The first step to know its market and your need
    We offer you a specification downloadable (french) that you can use as part of your project, either achieve a goal or as part of a transmission to a development  company which may from of these specifications, to help you.

    Step 2: The specific features of the tool
    An e-commerce site should contain a number of elements meeting the need you have identified but must also be scalable over time. This specification (french) is also available to you and has been designed to help you to build ClicShopping solution and to identify modules that are absolutely necessary.
    It is not limited to ClicShopping as transferable to other competing solutions.

    If later, you identify new needs, this document will strongly useful and will help you through the definition of these needs and fit on your online website.

    Step 3: Design 
    A step that can possibly happen in the second position. This is a significant step because it will determine a reflection on the design of your site but also the ergonomics of navigation and use of your e-commerce site. 
    Write specifications of the second stage can significantly helped the designer  and following his return  to change lot of thing.

    Step 4: implementation and integration
    It does not really the goal of this section, but its implementation requires choosing the technological environment in which you want to change. It is often conditioned by technology tool remains to choose, depending on your goals if a shared or dedicated hosting is more suitable for you.

    Step 5: Communication 
    An important step in the promotion of your project and its success over time. Think to efforts you've got to know deploy your business, why should it be different on the internet? 
    A deep work must be made at this level and some experts can guide you