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    The relationship with an ERP is especially important if you begin to realize a large turnover or if you have a complicated logistic processes for example. ERP as Odoo can be a very good addition in the management framework of your business day. It will help to achieve all that is not done every day by an e-commerce solution.

    We will present how to set up ClicShopping and Odoo to use the tools with the best conditions

    Odoo :

    It is important to start with this step:

    Step 1 : Install Odoo Module

    Download Odoo Module available bitbucket and install it in Odoo

    Step 2 : the company

    In Odoo configuration menu, it is important to complete all of the fields concerning the company
    Odoo setting company

    Step 3 : Sales

    Please check this option: Allow a different address for delivery and billing
    Please tick the option: Claims Management
    Odoo configuration

    Step 4 : Accounting

    ClicShopping needs 4 accounts, product sales, taxes, discounts, and shipping.

    In the Configuration / Accounts Section, please identify the accounts relating to the above point evoked and report them in ClicShopping (see configuratyion below)

    Here is an example: the product sales account: 707100
    Odoo configuration comptabilité

    In the Configuration / Taxes / tax code section, please identify the codes related to sales taxes to defer ClicShopping in the Places section & Taxes / Tax Rate.
    Configuration Odoo taxes

    ClicShopping :

    Configuration Menu: Configuration / My administration / Web Service

    This menu is divided into 4 stages. We advise you to enable all all options.

    Step 1 : Connection between ClicShopping and Odoo

    Once the parameters have been set up, it'll just turn on the WebService.
    configuration clicshopping webservice

    Step 2 : Select the export systems in real time

    Will allow to achieve real-time or delayed recordings according to your choice.
    Please note that :
    • The option to save customers is mandatory
    • The option to record the commands on Order is highly recommended.


    Etape 3 : Accounting

    This step is important, it is important to get the correct account numbers accounting Odoo. If the accounts do not exist in Odoo, create them.

    Step 4 : Exports data 

    This step will allow you to synchronize data between ClicShopping and Odoo.
    Please note that :
    • The Configure the warehouse is mandatory for all stock management
    • The option must be processed last

    Step 6 : Setting customers groups

    It is important to initialize customers groups so that they synchronize with Odoo
    Click Menu Clients / Customers Groups

    See the video