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    odoo, clicshopping,When we talk about ecommerce and we wish to develop its business, it is important to improve its information system. So interfacing with an ERP solution is an important point. The goal is to leverage the performance of management and to provide a better customer experience by taking advantage of the power of ERP in enterprise management platform combined with a sales force as a tool of trade line..

    ClicShopping integrates natively a new gateway with Odoo, ERP Opensource highly recognized in the market. this Version of the webservice allows you to communicate  ClicShopping with Odoo.

    The features included in this version are :

    - Link to create products from ClicShopping to Odoo in real time
    - Link to update products from ClicShopping to Odoo in real time
    - Link customers account creations from ClicShopping to Odoo in real time
    - Link with updates account  from ClicShopping to Odoo in real time
    - Link with orders creation from ClicShopping to Odoo in real time
    - Link with invoices creation  from ClicShopping to Odoo in real time
    - Taking into account national and international taxes or based products (excluding taxes or taxes)
    - Products Quick update inserted inside Odoo
    - Products import
    - Customers import and main address
    - Suppliers Import
    - Customers support
    - Stock management and stock minimum

    In addition there are many options available to control Odoo from ClicShopping.
    This version does not require a specific customization of Odoo, so its implementation is very simple and fast.

    More information about the configuration : see this article

    What Odoo:

    The ERP is a trade tool  that supports accounting, production, logistics, finance, human resources and trade oriented tool.

    The main aspect of Odoo that you can activate to suit your needs.

    Functions: CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory, projects, assembly, accounting, statistics, ...
    Modular: hundreds of modules are available. You install only what you need
    Simple: Odoo (Open ERP) is full web with sleek screens to get to the point
    Integrated: Odoo (OpenERP) uses the PostgreSQL database that guarantees (data integrity).

    More About : ERP Global Approach