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    ClicShopping is an open source application to manage online stores (B2B, B2C, B2B/B2C), open and private sale. In addition, you can qualify the application of social ecommerce with its capabilities that allow the administrator to interact with social networks and users (the catalog is not forgotten also).

    Download ClicShopping

    To begin, you should download the compressed files containing all necessary files and archive.Visit the download ClicShopping section, download the file to your computer and unzip the file.

    Setting up your FTP software

    You will also need an FTP software to upload files to your server. One of the most used (which we recommend) is Filezilla. You can download the website and install it. 

    From elements that you were given by your host, configure filezilla so that it can connect to your hosting.

    1 - How to Use Filezilla.

    - Click File and Site Manager. You will get the following items below. 
    - Fill the host box, which is usually your website 
    - Select the appropriate file transfer protocol: FTP generally 
    - Choose the type of authentication: usually: normal 
    - Enter your username: give your host 
    - Indicate voting password: give your host 
    - Click on Connection


    2 - Download files

    You must connect to the server and download the files in the target directory of your instance (This directory typically contains an index.php or index.html). 
    Given the variety of settings of the servers, it may be in a directory, groups, for example web.

    3 - Permission on files

    there are two important files in ClicShopping solution in order to begin the installation correctly. These files require a temporary change permissions during the installation process 

    The following files are located in the directory
    - /boutique/includes/configure.php : store configuration file (catalog)
    - /boutique/includes/ClicShoppingAdmin/includes/configure.php : store configuration file (administration)

    In Filezilla, go to the directory and right mouse button,

    - Click Change file attributes 
    - In numerical value: Specify the 777 value (allowing the writing to file) 
    - Click Ok 
    - Make this action the titles configure.php files



    4 -  Installing ClicShopping

    You can now start installing ClicShiopping. 

    Indicate in your browser following url: (change par your domain)

    Step 1 :

    The first step is to accept the license to use the tool. 

    Step 2 : 

    The second step is to set write permissions on folders and files on your server. 

    You need for this step of your FTP and assign the correct rights (see Step 3 for explanation) based on directories and files listed in step installation 
    Once this is done, you can refresh your browser by pressing the F5 key to see if the parameters you changed are correct. 

    If all lights are green, then you can proceed to the next step.

    Step 3 : Configuring the database

    This step is to make a connection to your database. 

    For safety reasons, it may be that you can not create the database from the installation file. Your host has provided you with a password, a login (username), web address to connect to the administration of PhpMyadmin or from your hosting manager to create a database . 

    Depending on the case, you will have 4 parameters at your disposal

    Server database: usually localhost (For ovh is another element) 
    The login user name: provided by your host or one that you created 
    Password: given by your host or one that you created 
    The name of the database: given by your host or one that you created

    From these elements, fill the form

    Then click Next and wait for the download process to happen. Once this is finished, you will automatiquely to the next step. Please do not interrupt the process

    Step 4 : Setup files configure.php

    This step allows you to retrieve various parameters to set the configure.php files correctly. 
    There is no specific operation to be performed on this stage, click Next

    Step 5 : Setup ClicShopping

    This step is done so that you can access your administration ClicShopping and shop as some additional information


    In the username, please enter your email address 
    In the password, please use the symbol * / - eg 

    This will give you greater security.

    Etape 6 : Go to shop ClicShopping

    This step will show you how to perform a security tool files.

    From FTP

    - Reassign the configure.php files in read-only mode (444) (step 3 procedure) 
    - Remove the installation directory 
    - Any other operation will be indicated by the installation procedure.

    Once this is done, you can access your administration and start the setup according to your needs. A guide is available on this item

    Please note that to use the catalog, you should download a number of modules (see philosophy, specifications, features).

    Thank you have installed the solution of social e-Commerce ClicShopping.