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    achat compusif ecommerceBesides flash discount , specials,  ClicShopping introduce the compulsive purchase, a first in the field of open source solutions, the implementation of a feature allowing to create or to generate a compulsive purchase. This feature will evolve over the versions.

    What is a compulsive purchase ! This is a purchase made at the time related to an emotion or impulsivity .

    ClicShopping since 2008 allows to send information on twitter, now you can add imagess with a product and to send on twitter easily . The product name , URL and images are sent to twitter that due to the possibilities of connecting with other social networks, allows to disperse information quickly at any customer subscribes to your social networks.

    Simple, fast and inexpensive, highlight a product little help maximize your sales especially over a short period .

    The new release 2.37 of ClicShopping introduced this new concept.