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Module interesting inside the shopping cart

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I think the most important is make different test.

What the demo has, is a start but you can develop more your shopping cart to include some other information as the shipping for example.

You can look other e-commerce website try to do.

The article is very nice and can help some people to improve the cart page, including me.

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On internet, there is lot of article about that. The problem is to update a solution in function your needs, customer. 

A little shop  do not must have the same approach but focus on the quality, delay, service and information.


Also, some marketing tricks can help to transform.

- Shipping Information (cost or and Free)
- Discount / point after buying

- How the customer win if it buys this product
- Pay the difference if the product is  less expensive on the


You have choice but I think it's important  to stay simple, clear.


About the modules, some must be build


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I add that it is preferable to remove the header and the footer from the site from the first page of the basket to avoid internet users having the possibility of leaks.
Once the user is in the basket, it must remain there !!
The basket has a crucial role in the effectiveness of an e-commerce site.

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remove the header and the footer

I'm more afraid of that a negative opinion because the person will change the environment which may have been more reassuring since they made a basket. What do you think ?

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The best is to test this option and see what's happen. But you can make a mix, remove the left and right boxe., Eventually the footer.

You have :

- No boxe and no header and no footer

- No boxe and no header

-No boxe and no footer

I think it will be your simulation test.


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