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php elements to an earlier page

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Good evening,


Is it possible to take a php element as the shopping cart or my account information to another page?


I have a MAINPAGE(www.website.com/index.html) which is before the SHOP(website.com/shop/index.php)


Is it possible to cross elements from the SHOP to the MAINPAGE? Do I need to convert the index.html to index.php? what is the easiest way to to that?


Thank you in advance.


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you have 2 possibilities,

1 - First inside ClicShopping accross Page manager, you can create or change introduction page, but you must add a specific file  mywebsite/index.php and after to go to mywebsite/shop


2 - or you can add a specific page but you can change manually. mywebsite/index.html and after to go to mywebsite/shop if you want


 For that you must change includes/ClicShopping/Conf and ClicShopping/Sites/Admin and Shop conf.php the information inside and add your new directory.


For 1

Look this file, this old release but I think it can work o need to be a little updated



I hope that is what you look ?


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Just an idea,


You can create inside your website root an index.html with a redirection to index.php. Just check index.html has the priority on index.php on your hoster.



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