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How to create a new page

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I want to create a new page to prepare Christmas with some specific information.

For example, I want to use the favorites and includes a checbox to specifiy if the product must be inserted in the new page.


Is it possible ?


Thank you for your help.


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Hello @Celestino,


I suppose you some skills in PHP.

You can take this approach but I recommend to include an indicator in the listing of the page

After, you must create follow this process.

includes/Custome/Sitres/Sho/Pages/myDirectory to put the files

Inside the Custom directory, you will have a a readme to help you how to proceed and I think there is a tutorial or a blog on that.



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Yes, exactly, but you can use the same directory. For example, you make a new page in Account, you must create in Custom another directory as AccountNew for example.

You can not use the same Directory that you have in Shop.

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Yes, it's correct, but you forgot to includes template directories and the main.php



There is a complete tutorial about that. Look the forum.


   * @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org
   * @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved
   * @Licence GPL 2 & MIT
   * @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4
   * @Info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/

  use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING;
  use ClicShopping\OM\Registry;

  $CLICSHOPPING_Breadcrumb = Registry::get('Breadcrumb');
  $CLICSHOPPING_Template = Registry::get('Template');
  $CLICSHOPPING_Language = Registry::get('Language');


  // templates
  $CLICSHOPPING_Breadcrumb->add(CLICSHOPPING::getDef('navbar_title'), CLICSHOPPING::link(null, 'BestProducts&Best')); //navBar


  require_once($CLICSHOPPING_Template->getTemplateFiles('best_products')); // files directory in template



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