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    @FrediKa, There an example. the process: edit fp_new_products.php rename in fp_my_file.php Inside replace fp_new_product by fp_my_file replace : front_page_new_products by front_page_my_file replace : FRONT_PAGE_NEW_PRODUCTS by FRONT_PAGE_MY_FILE eventually you can change the template directory : '/template_html/' . MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_NEW_PRODUCTS_TEMPLATE by '/template_html/' . MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_MY_TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY Do not forget to change the language Do not forget to change the css Now you are ready to implement your code. This is a short cut to help you how to make a new template_html with a template directory but you can use also the default template_html Now do not forget to include your new contribution inside the Default template and also in your new template directory. Like that you can change everything without to change anything inside the default template directory. Why you must include your new contribution in the Default directory and not only the new template directory ? It's the DB initialization is made by default inside the Default directory. Like all the module are overridden in function the Default Directory, you have no choice to include the new element inside the Default directory. It's the limitation. I hope it's not little too complex, but after one or to test, you will understand the process.
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