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  • ClicShopping Community and Contribution

    How can you help to build better ecommerce?
    We continue to work very hard towards building better ecommerce platform and make it available for anyone free of charge. We can not achieve this goal without your help.
    You can help with marketing of ClicShopping, helping with forum support, coding new features or contribute financially. You can register in the forum and contribute by helping other users, help with issue investigations, develop new features or extensions. If you provide some service that is related to eCommerce, you can contribute with spreading the word and information about ClicShopping and add more users to our fast growing community. Financial contributions, are also very welcomed, as they help with expenses related to hosting, fees, future upgrades or new development support.
    Select below what suits you best and what you can help with.
    1. I like to write or help others.
    Here you can help with many different things, depending on your skills and experience.
    - Forum help with answers to other users.
    - Blog on e-Commerce
    - Documentation creation and corrections
    - Write and post articles about ClicShopping usage and success stories on blogs and other sites
    - Contribute to core design, development and testing
    - Develop free or commercial extensions
    2. I can help with marketing
    ClicShopping community expansion is very important. Share some good word and let others know about ClicShopping ecommerce platform. You can post on a social media, forums, publish on blogs or even influence or create an article about ClicShopping.
    3. I can develop new extensions or features

    Feel free to take matter in your hands and develop new extension with new features. Best benefit, you can earn money, in addition to helping ClicShopping project. Check marketplace and activate developer account.
    4. I need 
    special service or paid support request.
    Commercial support of ClicShopping can be requested with our team or our partners.
    5. I have partnership proposal.
    Special partnership arrangements will be beneficial to you or your business as well as helping ClicShopping community.
    6. I can sponsor development
    You can purchase extensions with new features on the marketplace. If required functionality Is not available in extension, request a new feature development with us or our partners.
    7. I can donate.
    We appreciate your financial contributions. This helps us build better application for you or your business.
    Follow this link : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/clients/donations/
    Thank you for considering to help ClicShopping community


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