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  • Welcome to ClicShopping !



    ClicShopping is OpenSource solution, easy to install, lite to include on all server and very modular to adapt the solution at your need.


    When you install the framework, you have some modules pre-installed to start. You can quickly install new modules inside the application and create your own application whithyou need.


    The philosophy is : Create your own e-commerce application.


    ClicShopping offers a forum to share your experiences,  and Github access to report a bug, create a fork and participate in the evolution of the solution

    Like we love to share, all the modules are on Github and you can create easily a fork and adapt the application at your need.

    If a translation does'ntexist, you can create it easily and share with everybody. We have a  specific partnership with Crowdin.

    On the forum, you have access to information, documentation and you collaborate with all the people.

    The team is elected for 2 years and some people want to be included must propose to the community a project. In this case, if you have a motivation, do not hesitate.


    Soon, an Crowdfounding application will appear allowing you to propose a project and ask some people to participate.



    Compatibility :

    php > 6
    Mysql 7 / mariadb

    boostrap4.x framework

    jquery 3.1.x




    You can find  service integrations, payment providers, shipping methods, social media, marketing, accounting, reporting, sales as well as language packs


    Choice B2B - B2C - B2C/B2C
    Choice open sale or private sale
    Multi communicating system and multi template
    Responsive design adapted for mobile with BootStrap 4.x
    Several modes of payment / delivery
    More 250 modules available and free

    Multi regulation included (GDRP compliant)

    Major Integration inside ClicShopping

    El finder 2.x



    Download ClicShopping :  https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3


    We are looking now people want to help to manage the forum.
    Community manager
    Application Manager




    Customize your  Online store Drive your business and customers Acquire and attract visitors Sell at international
    Choose your design, colors, logo and customize your application Manage easily your catalog, products, orders, customers, and take decision across your statistics. Share your content on the social networks and attract more visitors Easily present your store in several different languages and currencies – nothing is impossible!



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