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Version 3.2 Pre-release out

This announcement is no longer active


Version 3.20 pre-release is now out.
Some improvements have been made inside the code concerning the previous version 3.11
This pre-release is make to identify bugs. It's recommended to use with php 7.3 version.

We hope to make the full release at the end of this month.


Update some script like phpmailer,  jquery, ckeditor, el finder on the latest version

- Refactoring and reformat code

- Some bugs fix identified fixed

- Started the function typage

- The db now use utf8mb4 (see the tools Db to convert your database)

- Strict php mode coding (will be full the next release)

- Override the shop classes by the custom directory

- Allow to use the Custom directory to create new page

- Updated for IPV6


- For moment, the focus will be to update the marketplace official version apps


As the plan, we continue to improve the code, identified new bugs.  The next version will be full compatibility with php 7.4.


Upgrade :

If you use the 3.11,  copy the files and update your database with the sql update (see update.txt)

Be careful, if you have modified the Default template. Use a file comparison tool to make your update


Note : Thank you for Maxime for this work about the tutorials video : https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3/archive/master.zip



Admin demo access : https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo_test/ClicShoppingAdmin835

Catalog demo : https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo/

Tutorials : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/forum/18-best-pratices-tip-trips-and-training/

Details articles : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/blog/3-clicshopping/

Download ClicShopping : https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3/archive/master.zip

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